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Emily. 22. NJ. Things and stuff and junk.


"You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You" | Title Fight

I’m nervous about staring across the room
and waiting for the walls to move
I don’t see anybody else
and I don’t need anybody else
I’m dirt beneath your feet
step all over me

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let me sleep in ur stupid t-shirts and hold ur dumb hand u piece of shit


Universal Monsters


"Creepy girls you’re just my style, blood red lipstick you don’t smile, falling victim to your fantasy - damn, i love that you’re so creepy.”(X)



3 year old girl singing Maps by The Front Bottoms

Ohhhhhh myyyyy goddddd

I’m in love


Pine // Basement

"I hate myself, but that’s okay. Because I never have enough. I don’t love you, I just need to be loved."

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